Saturday, December 26, 2009

Advice from Anne Rice … and Writing, Inspired.

One of my all time favourite authors (hell at one point in my early teens,  I considered her my mentor) Anne Rice posted on her FaceBook page, some great advice for aspiring writers recently, she wrote: “All aspiring writers out there: know that we need you, we need your voice, your vision, your stories. Be brave. Go where the pain is; go where the pleasure is. Seek to create in words the world in which you long to live. (Dec. 15th 2009).

So I haven’t been writing much lately… well not in the way that I would like to be.
I mean, yes, I’ve been Blogging and Tweeting and FaceBooking, but I haven’t been writing (specifically any poetry or short stories or even the continuation of my WIP potential first novel)!
I’m not fazed with fear or panicked by this fact though. 
Mainly because I have always been one who writes on inspiration. Thus when I’m not inspired, I won’t write. I know some believe in the “write something everyday”, and it works for them. But for me I’ve never been able to adhere to this philosophy. I can’t force myself to write (at least not if I want to get something good out of it).

My writing is connected to/by that which inspires me.

Many of my now one hundred plus pieces of poetry (going as far back as when I was 7 yrs old), have been written this way.
As well as several of my already written short stories and my “potential” Storyline outlines – which I’ve been sitting on since the age of 12 or 13, and now numbering 16 in count (the most recent of which, a fantasy, dragons and swords piece, was inspired this past spring 2009.)

How long will I sit on these storylines that could become full stories and then potential novels?
I honestly don’t know, ‘cause inspiration can be a funny thing.
Like I said in my poem Montreal, Mon Cheri (which I may post here at a later date), “Inspiration come when may.”

I mean, when I had discovered the love of writing poetry at that early age (and actually, initially I never used to “write” my poems down, but rather, I used to recite them orally and audibly as they came to me, from head to mouth… needless to say, most of the earlier ones are lost on the wind, but I digress).

When I discovered the love of writing, it was never with the dream of one day being published (or far less, of having anyone interested enough in what my thoughts were). That dream (of being published) came much, much later… and can actually now (in this day, age and location) have the potential of being realized.

I write because I like to. I write when I’m inspired to.

A poem comes to me out of the blue and (now as opposed to before, LoL); I write it down in one of my iridescent coloured note books. I still always “hand” write, before I “type” write.

Just like with/in my journal(s). These I’ve had / been writing since I’d been in my early teens as well… and when I sometimes go back and read what I’d written, way back then (or even as near back as a couple years ago), I find myself laughing… not at “what” I’d written, but “how” it was written.

Mind you, I’m not being “ego” here, but the humour and tone of voice cracks me up. Often I’m like, did I write that!

Hmm, so what was the point I was aiming to make again…

Oh yes, so there you have it, I write when inspired, and for the most part my muse has been good to me.
But lately I’m thinking he/she must be on holiday!  Hopefully, not for too long though!

Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings! Wishing all the best for the New Year 2010!


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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Poetry: From the Prolific Pen of the 1st Passion: *Desiderata Incognita*

Poetry, From the Prolific Pen of the 1st Passion: *Desiderata Incognita* (Unknown Things, Desired)


Some say it's a dying art. Lost to these recent centuries.
That there's no place for it in today's fast paced, modernized world.
That only the Williams (Shakespeare and Blake, to give ode to a few), could truly wax poetic!

But pray, what does it mean to be in a state of (sometimes constant) poetic inspiration?
To know that any such inspiration could come and go at the drop of a hat?
One moment, you're minding your own business, walking down the street
Then the next, a familiar scent hits, and sends you reeling, reaching for rhythmic rhyming feats.

"Poetry equals pleasure. It appeals to the mind and arouses feelings. It touches, it stirs, it makes glad (or sad), and it may even reveal something.
It's a way to deal. To get the emotions out. Or to create an emotion. It's also about seduction." - Me (SonikaE)

             Let Poetry fill the pages.


From the fountain,

which is the pen.

Onto pages white

Ruled by lines of night.

Stain with ink - black,
blue, red, green.

Of rhymes and rhythms, the minds' delight.

Let poetry,

The pages fill.


   A break up. A make up.

A wish. A want. A desire.

All expressed. Imprinted on a page. Or a world wide wire.

Guided by an emotion in the moment. Moved by a mood:

From the bitter anger of rejection, rants and raves *DAMN YOU

While the musings on a glimpsed, unknown crush creates *CROWDED.

To the soft, sweet, sensuous, seduction of *EACH OTHER.


Nonplussed by a passion, made vulnerable by a vowel...


Put poetic pondering to meaningful music and there you may have a signature song!
We are not, but one thing nor one personality.
We are, all together, many pieces of precious poetry!

    *Other poetry pieces by author.

     ©2009 (ad infinitum)  

Another of my Poems @ Fang-Tastic Books blog!

It was a Happy Halloween Week for everyone!
On Monday 26th October 2009, for Vampire Poetry Monday @ Fang-tastic Books blog, and one of my poems, Vampire  was featured. You can also read the piece below:


Black winged cape descends
The Dark Incubus has come,
To feed.

Innocence of life, taken in blood,
Which sustains
his need.

Life absorbed
Into one that’s none.

Dark Dweller.
Sun Hater.
Blood Drinker.
Life Taker.
Grave Maker.


Fiend and foe.
But friend to those who know,
The life he can give in taking.

his making.

Sonika Edwards
© 2002

An Experiment

*The Mono-logic Conve-rant

Superego: So you’re just going to sit there with tears in your eyes? What’s wrong with you? Bitch! Feeling sorry for yourself – once again!? Act your age! Act like a mature adult – not 30 going on 16! So, he’s unavailable. Deal with it!

Ego: Oh be quiet! What does it mean to act mature? I’ve to be cynical and selfish? Is that it? I’ve go against my personal morals? Yes, the positive persona may be the only side of myself I wish to show. Why? ‘Cause if I showed the: “Fuck-You” bitch side, I’m probably never gonna hear the end of it! It’d be like: “Oh my dear, do you see how much she has changed?” / “She must not be psychologically sound!” / “It’s because she didn’t have an emotionally available father figure when she was growing up… so she doesn’t know how to have a proper relationship!”

‘Cause being “normal” to most everyone else probably means not showing any emotion what so ever. Just be passive-aggressive.

Well I’m not into that shit!

When I have a feeling, an emotion – for the most part I’d show it. And if I want to sit and cry my eyes out; or go get dressed in latex with a whip and go dominate some insipid fool, who’s just an obnoxious chauvinist to women in his office – well, so be it. I’d do it – ‘cause that my prerogative!

Superego: Ha-ha, who do you think you’re fooling Ms. “look-at-me-I’m-Sandra-Dee?” Whips and latex. Yeah right…

Ego: Oh shut up! Let me finish! I know life’s not fair. I never expected it to be. Because if it was, then a lot of what “is” – won’t be. But do you know that humans are the only living beings that can “choose” to be mean and hurtful to others? If that’s what you get for having higher brain function, well – I think I’d much rather be an animal.

Superego: Huh! You’re only saying that. You like “being human.” You like the fact that you can have pleasurable sex and not just procreative sex. That you can be intelligent and learned, and sweet and cynical, and feminine and brash and opinionated and adventurous… and know it! That you can give your life meaning and purpose and not just “live”.

Ego: Yes, but there’s no escaping the fact that, even with all that. Even with knowing all that – love, or the lack thereof, hurts. As the song goes “Nobody wants to be lonely.”

Superego: Yeah well, you needn’t feel lonely, chica. You got me – Ms. 16 going on 30. I brought you this far (in life) and I’m gonna take you even farther.

Ego: Yeah, sometimes that’s what I’m afraid of.

Id: Hey, what about what I need…

Superego and Ego: Quiet kid! And stop whining. You “want” too much.

©2009 & 2011 (ad infinitum)  

* Monologue / Logical / Conversation / Rant.

Announcement: Poem Pub

I recently had the honour of having one of my (poetry) pieces published on Roxanne Rhoads site @ Fang-tastic books Vampire Poetry Mondays. Here it is: My Life, My Love, My Blood.I may post said poem on a later date!

Some thoughts on Poetry

" For the receiver (reader a/o viewer): If my poetry can (help) paint a picture and thereby prompt inspiration, then I have done my work well." - Sonika E

"My reason for being is Poetry. And through divine inspiration, I am led to create works which seek to epitomize Absolute Beauty, which is Truth.Thereby translating it for the every man to appreciate." - Sonika E

"Poetry Equals pleasure. It appeals to the mind and arouses feelings. It touches, it stirs, it makes glad (or sad) and it may even reveal something. It's also about Seduction." - Sonika E

Please Allow me to Introduce...


I'm into Living, Loving, Writing, Working, Laughing, Blogging! Originally from the West Indies/ Caribbean, now residing in Canada.

I've been writing (predominantly poetry) since about the age of seven, with contributions here and there in Zines, Newspapers ( local and school) and Blogs, Journals etc.

Recently, I've committed myself to writing my first novel, in (one of) my favourite genres : paranormal romance.

Yes, my first novel - quite a work in progress, in that it can only pro-gress when I'm away from the actual "day" job, to write at night. LOL!

Some may also already be familiar with me a/o some of my work, etc via these other (blog) sites: or
Thank you for Reading! And come again, anon!