Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another of my Poems @ Fang-Tastic Books blog!

It was a Happy Halloween Week for everyone!
On Monday 26th October 2009, for Vampire Poetry Monday @ Fang-tastic Books blog, and one of my poems, Vampire  was featured. You can also read the piece below:


Black winged cape descends
The Dark Incubus has come,
To feed.

Innocence of life, taken in blood,
Which sustains
his need.

Life absorbed
Into one that’s none.

Dark Dweller.
Sun Hater.
Blood Drinker.
Life Taker.
Grave Maker.


Fiend and foe.
But friend to those who know,
The life he can give in taking.

his making.

Sonika Edwards
© 2002

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