Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Please Allow me to Introduce...


I'm into Living, Loving, Writing, Working, Laughing, Blogging! Originally from the West Indies/ Caribbean, now residing in Canada.

I've been writing (predominantly poetry) since about the age of seven, with contributions here and there in Zines, Newspapers ( local and school) and Blogs, Journals etc.

Recently, I've committed myself to writing my first novel, in (one of) my favourite genres : paranormal romance.

Yes, my first novel - quite a work in progress, in that it can only pro-gress when I'm away from the actual "day" job, to write at night. LOL!

Some may also already be familiar with me a/o some of my work, etc via these other (blog) sites: or
Thank you for Reading! And come again, anon!

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