Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Poetry: From the Prolific Pen of the 1st Passion: *Desiderata Incognita*

Poetry, From the Prolific Pen of the 1st Passion: *Desiderata Incognita* (Unknown Things, Desired)


Some say it's a dying art. Lost to these recent centuries.
That there's no place for it in today's fast paced, modernized world.
That only the Williams (Shakespeare and Blake, to give ode to a few), could truly wax poetic!

But pray, what does it mean to be in a state of (sometimes constant) poetic inspiration?
To know that any such inspiration could come and go at the drop of a hat?
One moment, you're minding your own business, walking down the street
Then the next, a familiar scent hits, and sends you reeling, reaching for rhythmic rhyming feats.

"Poetry equals pleasure. It appeals to the mind and arouses feelings. It touches, it stirs, it makes glad (or sad), and it may even reveal something.
It's a way to deal. To get the emotions out. Or to create an emotion. It's also about seduction." - Me (SonikaE)

             Let Poetry fill the pages.


From the fountain,

which is the pen.

Onto pages white

Ruled by lines of night.

Stain with ink - black,
blue, red, green.

Of rhymes and rhythms, the minds' delight.

Let poetry,

The pages fill.


   A break up. A make up.

A wish. A want. A desire.

All expressed. Imprinted on a page. Or a world wide wire.

Guided by an emotion in the moment. Moved by a mood:

From the bitter anger of rejection, rants and raves *DAMN YOU

While the musings on a glimpsed, unknown crush creates *CROWDED.

To the soft, sweet, sensuous, seduction of *EACH OTHER.


Nonplussed by a passion, made vulnerable by a vowel...


Put poetic pondering to meaningful music and there you may have a signature song!
We are not, but one thing nor one personality.
We are, all together, many pieces of precious poetry!

    *Other poetry pieces by author.

     ©2009 (ad infinitum)  

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