Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Poem: Montréal, Mon Chéri

As promised, from my previous post, here is the poem Montréal, Mon Chéri (as is also featured on my Deviant page)

                        Photo: Montreal's Old Port area w/ Bon Secours Market in distance.
     Photo property of Sonika Edwards ©2010. All rights Reserved.

In appreciation of my Montreal residing friends (and those who used to reside here), in dedication to this City we love and call home !

Montréal, Mon Chéri

Ah Mont Réal, my Montréal!
To tell the truth
Today makes 6 years since I first discovered you,
And your pulsating presence.

The love/hate relationship
That I have with you
Is nothing new.
Saints and sinners
Residing under one "Royal" roof
Holds the proof
Of your allure.

You entice with your joie de life.
You entice with your sly, yet sweet come hither smile.
Then you steal away inspiration for months on end, for months and a day.

Held captive by your seductive summers,


And your bustling inner city vibe.
Radiating with colours and


Of urban, latin, jazz, rock, reggae...
In a state of barely there, almost undress sway.

Then suddenly, inspiration you'd return in some unique style.

Perhaps on a warm, neon bright night on St. Catherine or St. Laurent street,
Or when some fille or gar catches the eye.

Inspiration, come when may.
Perhaps from your eclectic cultural array.
Mmmm... such a mouth watering, cosmopolitan flavour to savour.

To close the eyes, indulge the senses and wrap ones' tongue,

And, your lethargic white winters,
Bundled up outside.

Or, better yet
Under the covers,
Hopefully, with a lover.
Keeping warm.
Sometimes six months of cold can seem so. Very. Long...

An unassuming island innocence,
Has almost all been erased
Par ta belle décadence.

Mon amour, loving you, c'est mon plaisir.

Montréal, Mon Chéri!
You are, by far,
La Cité.

©2011 (ad infinitum)  

6 yrs - refers to when poem was originally written, back in 2006
Gar - short for "garcon" (boy)
Par ta belle decadence - by your beautiful decay

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