Saturday, July 17, 2010

"Tattoo" Poem, published.

I know this is a bit after the fact (but I was preoccupied and hence did not get a chance to send it out sooner).
My poem Tattoo was published in the June, premiere edition of Dark Eye Glances. Said poem can be read here: .
This is my first "official" publication (as opposed to say a contribution). I signed an author agreement and everything, giving them 1st publishing rights.

I invite you all to read the poem and give feedback on their FB page:

(As per that which is written on their website, re: "Readers are also welcome to submit recommendations for specific poets and poetry. We want to know what our readers like so we can offer them more.")

Next year, my poem, among those from others submitted throughout the year, will be considered for inclusion in the 2011 "Dark Eye Glances" anthology.

The anthology will be in print (and for sale on book shelves). More on that when the time comes.


Chudney Defreitas-Thomas said...

Congratulations!and from my part of the writing world a Squee! is mandatory.

Sonika E said...

LoL! Thanks so much cuz! :)
It's a small start, but a start nonetheless.