Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Poem / Poetry: When Will You?

When Will You

You left them to rot
You vile and cantankerous lot
Nary a word nor a backward glance
But rather a laugh as they fell upon the lance
Of despair.
Woe onto you who did not truly care!

While they struggled in the mire
You reveled with your squires
Got drunk and sluggard on your fame
And let them go to pot? For shame!

What happened to your decency?
And so called sense of charity?
Where to went the “human”
In humanity?

You talk about change, for a better future
Yet you lie content in your stupor.
You dance in merriment on the graves of their misfortune
Only committing to the cause when for you it’s opportune.

When will you be colour-blind and cast aside your disdain?
When will you help them self affirm, alleviate the death/debt strain?
Don’t leave them to worry:
*Where have all the good people gone?”

Pray tell, when will you open your heart and allow this Nation to move on?

©2011 (ad infinitum)  

With the following attribution: * Use of song title by courtesy of singer/songwriter/musician Sam Roberts (and band).

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