Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poem: Of me. Of you. (Of us?)

Of me. Of you. (of us?)

The silence deafens.
Yet it speaks in volumes I can (still) hear
Loud and Clear.

Across the distance, I felt the retreat
It's been over a week. But I still cast my eyes
on to the recent past,
(though I know thine own eyes look back much further)

We may never meet (at least not yet).
But we have met.
In this "aether" net.

Doing this (forbidden?) dance, between "Pokes" and "Poetry".

I remember of meeting you in that dark shadow-y realm
Of when I listened to your darkness (mouth to ear in this medium)

Yes it is stark!
It is glaring!

But can't you see?
It has not corrupted me.
(Things you think I cannot bare. I have borne.
Even before I was born.)

This girl you've gotten to know
This woman you let in. Let be your friend
is as tough, as she is tender.

Age is but a number my friend
(as are vices, just 'dealing devices')
But I understand your angle
Your aim maybe to keep me at bay?
Make me see a light of day
and not be consumed by your own dark shadows?

I am not seeking to be your sonlight nor your saviour.
Just a friend, who can bend, without breaking.
(and yes, call me crazy 'cause I care, I don't care)

Though born bearing a name of "light"
This jeune femme too was born of night.
Albeit not close to as dark as ones own.
Darkness she has known.

Yes I live in the present
Yet I too, do reflect on the past
I know not what the future holds
But I always try to live in hope.

There may be, no you nor me
But is this as far as we can see?

Written or spoken, words are words,
But 'more than words' now there's the rub.

It was a meeting of minds that defied the distance "literarily"

But now, one mind is looking back in sadness? in melancholy?

While the other is staying steadfast until he, 'works his way back' to she.

"Those were the days."
  Were they?"

I say, Nay!

But rather, que sera, sera.

Come. What. May.

To: The Lion Hearted One

From: The Daughter of the Sun

© 2011 (ad infinitum)    

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