Sunday, April 10, 2011

Poem: Bittersweet

Just out of reach,
Of your hands.
The goal to grasp
A dream to clasp
Slip away like sand
From the palm of a hand.

Like loves defeat.
Sweet surrender
With no happy end-ing
Temptation pend-ing.
Put play on pause
With no forward or rewind,
Sunlight is beautiful yet blind-ing.

And here we meet.
In the middle of our lives
No choice but to compromise
Walk along these
Dark, desolate streets.
Chill wind at back
Full moon above
Rock away the world to sleep
Rock a good bye to love.

And at this beginning of the end
Bid goodbye a lover, greet a friend.
All but memory is lost
And what else that remains is

©2006 & ©2011 (ad infinitum)

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