Saturday, April 30, 2011

Poem: Nothing Special

Nothing Special (As father did)

Soon she came to realize
That s/he was nothing special.
All the words were but a guise
They were, nothing special.

She gave a heart
Now left with a w/hole?
Was it all for naught?
Was it, nothing special?

“They” did tell her she deserved better
But she listened with only half an ear
And none a heart.
Because she thought, s/he was
Something special.

But alas, it soon came to past.
It became plain to see
That she, to he
Was nothing special.

So she swallowed the hurt. Put up the pride
Wall, behind which to hide.
And to every man will be done,
As father did.

They will all be, nothing more to she…
Nothing more, than nothing special.

© 2011 (ad infinitum)  

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